• Is FDA Approved, since the 70’s?

  • Won Doctors the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine in 2015 ?

  • Is Peer reviewed for effective treatment against COVID 19 World-wide ?

  • Is as SAFE to take as Aspirin and helps prevent contracting COVID ?


  • Had patients recovering from COVID approx 48 hrs after administrating ?

  • A cost of about $2 ?

  • Saved Lives Around The World Against COVID 19 ?

  • A near 100% cure rate ?

  • Been proven SAFE for all ages, including infants, children and seniors?

“…. if you take it YOU WILL NOT GET SICK!”  

“…early treatment is key!”

Pierre Kory, MD

- President of the FLCCC Alliance

Are All These Doctors Around The World, Proving How

Covid is Curable

All Wrong?

You can’t go wrong, trying something that has been reported in virtually 100% cure rate
its cheap, it’s rapidly available now.
It has 
very few side effects and is a real killer of Coronavirus.

Dr. Thomas Borody

- St Vincent’s in Sydney Australia and the Mayo Clinic Rochester, Minnesota, USA

There was a time earlier this year where the risk of infection was intense.

Since then however Doctors and Scientists have made great strides, not only in fighting COVID but managing it.  Sadly our children continue to suffer undo stress and irreversible damage to social skills from a pandemic model that seems to have burnt itself out.  COVID cases may still be detected, but the lives lost no longer carry the same threat.

Our seniors have died and are dying alone based on statistics that have changed drastically since the beginning of the pandemic.  Our neighbours, our friends or our families have lost their jobs, their businesses, their savings, while the curve of “deaths” continues to flatten.

If you watch ALL of the videos found here, you will witness first-hand, testimonials about thousands of people recovering world-wide with Ivermectin. Dig deep with your own research outside the mainstream and take the initiative to make change!


Ready to Make a Change?

“Complaining about a problem without posting a solution
is called whining.”

― Teddy Roosevelt


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