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Ivermectin treatment caused ‘amazing improvement’: Melbourne COVID patients

Melbourne resident Michael Vukovic told Sky News host Chris Kenny his wife was very sick with COVID-19, but the minute she began receiving the Ivermectin Triple Therapy treatment, “the improvement was amazing”. Mr Vukovic said his wife contracted the virus on the 29th of September and immediately got very sick. “She has other underlying health problems, she’s had…cancer and battles and a whole lot of other very severe medical problems,” he said. “It attacked her very quickly” Mr Vukociv, who contracted the virus also, said he and his wife asked their GP to prescribe them the Ivermectin Triple Therapy treatment based on their readings of studies on the treatment from around the world. “The minute I gave it to her, the improvement was amazing,” Mr Vukovic said. Mr Kenny also spoke with Mr Vukovic’s doctor, Dr Peter Lewis. Mr Lewis said he had been interested in Ivermectin as a treatment for some time because of the Bangladeshi-published studies supporting it. “Because of the anecdotal information from the doctors in Bangladesh, that they’re getting good results … I was fairly comfortable when Michael contacted me and said he liked the idea of he and his family taking Ivermectin,” he told Mr Kenny. “I thought that was a safe option.” Mr Lewis said Ivermectin was readily available as a medication for parasite infection, and while not yet approved as a COVID treatment, it could be used off label.

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