“Complaining about a problem without posing a solution is called whining.”

                   ― Teddy Roosevelt
President of the United States from 1901 to 1909

Let’s Be Clear…

We’re not saying to stop doing all the things that make you feel safe or to run out and start licking shopping cart handles….

But ask yourself,
Do.. you.. want.. LIFE.. back.. again?


It is time to

call broadcasters and ask them to share the good news of the astounding life saving successes, Doctors are making around the world treating COVID 19 with IVERMECTIN

As of October 13, 2020 Health Canada currently has 59 clinical trials in process to conquer COVID 19.  Guess how many of those trials are testing IVERMECTIN?  – Zero!


to Take Action and Call, Write or Visit your local Health Agencies and Authorities and ask them why IVERMECTIN isn’t included in the majority of clinical trials?

Call, Write and Stand Up

Ask your political leaders:
WHY are they shutting down the economy if the
death curve has flattened?
WHY are they polluting the news outlets with half truth?
WHY are they not talking about IVERMECTIN or Herd Immunity successes around the world ?!
WHY are they 
pumping us full of fear instead of giving us HOPE?


Above the FEAR, just by doing your own research instead of relying SOLELY on the mainstream media.

Don’t wait

For the economy or our way of life to crumble. Take control now.  You can change the world.

Bryant McGill says

we can change the world
one thought at a time,
one child at a time,
one family at a time,
one community at a time,
one city,
one state and
one country at a time.

If Wearing a Mask

makes you feel safe, then so be it.
But what if COVID 19 can be easily cured or even PREVENTED
Just by taking a few FDA approved pills?

Then let’s take the choke hold off

Our local Businesses our Restaurants, our Families Our Lives!

Make Some Noise

and get the decision makers to focus on IVERMECTIN and other known discussions happening around the world !

Let’s start living again!

How To Make A Difference!

The Broadcasters, Publications and our own Government are creating unnecessary fear and anxiety by pushing numbers of cases instead of demonstrating that we appear to be recovering from this pandemic. If they’re going to report “positive cases” that are naturally recoverable or treatable and the deaths from COVID have flattened – isn’t that like reporting and broadcasting every time someone gets the sniffles or the common cold?  Is IVERMECTIN really the easy cure for COVID 19?
Ask the questions!

Make a stand and do something about this!

Contact your local:

  • Mayor
  • Health Department
  • Provincial/State Representative
  • Federal Representative


Call or write your local Radio Stations and Printed Publications and demand they start sharing all the news, not just the bad news!  Send them a link to this website if they’re lacking sources.

Ready to Make a Change?

“Complaining about a problem without posting a solution
is called whining.”

― Teddy Roosevelt


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